Robotic Automation

Introduction to Ultra Fast, Adaptable, and Precise Automation

Our collaborative robots (also known as cobots) improve the overall efficiency and speed of production jobs. With our investment in technology we are able to quickly change programs, layouts, and train the robots quickly for those new tasks. Each cobot can be adapted to perform completely new tasks with changes to tooling. and relocated to do different tasks with different mounting options. Each cobot is ultra-precise with high precision repeatable accuracy. We employ these technologies to provide our customer’s with high quality products with reduced costs while boosting confidence in our ability to deliver.

Application in CNC Machining

For CNC Machining, our robots are employed to tend to machines and perform repetitive tasks which include loading and unloading materials to each CNC Machine which helps us drive high volume precision machined parts from our shop. Combined with our approach to quality control we can ensure high volume high precision production.

Applications in Welding

Our robots are capable of being configured for welding to weld large and small parts repetitively. High-volume repetitive welding tasks generally take longer, and require more frequent inspection by the employee as they perform the job to ensure quality. Because of this, using cobots in this capacity helps us ensure more consistent welds, and allows our skilled welders to focus on the complex welding that many jobs require. In this way the cobots are a tool for our welders that the helps helps them while helping provide our customers confidence in our ability to produce high volume high quality work.